Intelligence, innovation and integrity

Grupo Atalaya specialises in the analysis, prevention and mitigation of strategic risks that may endanger the profitability, reputation, personnel and assets of firms with operations in Mexico.

Our diverse range of products and services distinguishes itself due to our expertise in transforming information from multiple sources into intelligence that facilitates decision making, as well as by our vocation for innovation and our unwavering commitment to protect the integrity of our firm and that of our clients.

Our robust offering is built on our consultants´ longstanding experience in analysing and managing non-technical risks in Mexico, as well as in the diversity of their backgrounds, which range from law and economics to data and computer science. We have built long-lasting relationships with our clients thanks to our integrity and partnering approach.

Local intelligence

Our team has more than two decades experience in managing national and public security and political affairs at the highest level of responsibility in Mexico. As such, we know that risks for organisations are determined by the characteristics of the environment in which they operate. 

We believe there is no substitute for having on your side a team that has a vast network of local contacts, as well as an intimate and unparalleled knowledge of local sources of risk and the environmental dynamics that can threaten your organisation´s goals.

How do we help our customers?

A potential investment in an area with high levels of crime and social activism. A leak of confidential information. A change of regulatory policy. Non-technical risks are of strategic importance because their impact directly undermines the profitability as well as the reputation of companies and sometimes the physical security of their personnel.

All our products and services are based on the specific risk profile of the customer and we are proud to offer state-of-the-art solutions through which we protect our customers from both internal and external threats.

The diversity of the profiles of our consultants, allows us to offer services to our clients that reflect the complexity and interrelation between the different strategic and non-technical risks that they face.

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Risk assessment & monitoring

Due to the complexity of Mexico's political, legal and security environment, it is fundamental for the purpose of each project to develop a thorough understanding of the risk scenario and threats facing our risks.

All our risk reports are tailored to the client's risk profile and give you a 360° view of the non-technical risks you face. Grupo Atalaya's team of analysts specialises in collecting, cross-checking and verifying information to translate multiple inputs of both quantitative and qualitative data into intelligence that facilitates decision-making.

We also have the ability to provide support and real-time intelligence products to our customers, through our personalised monitoring service.

Research and due diligence

One of our primary tasks is to provide certainty to our clients regarding critical decisions such as transactions, partnerships or recruitment.

It is for this reason that we use our research and analysis skills to provide our clients with in-depth information and the elements needed to decide on the integrity of potential employees, suppliers and partners.

Thanks to the speed of response of our team, we have carried out hundreds of investigations of both individuals and companies for customers from sectors as diverse as investment banking, mining or consumer goods.

Stakeholder mapping and market entry advisory

We assist clients with strategic advice on market entry, providing them with a detailed map of their key stakeholders´ positioning and degree of influence in regards to their business.

Protocols, policies and organisational security design

More often, both small and large companies recognise that security must be addressed as a strategic risk.

While it is impossible to control the volatility of the external security conditions surrounding an organisation, it is certainly possible to implement measures that determine their degree of vulnerability to them.

Grupo Atalaya assists its clients in the implementation of policies and organisational safety designs that adapt to their operations and strategic objectives.

Social impact

Through our sister company, Enûma, we help our clients with a complete service to take care of the risks derived from the social and environmental impact that derive from their operations.

This includes not only the management and obtaining of permits from the relevant authorities, but also the design of strategies that mitigate the impacts of the project on the communities that surround it.

Our goal is to achieve transparent and strong relationships between the communities and the projects we advise, through aligning the incentives of both.

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