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Mexico's G20 Leadership Represents a Global Shift

Away from the established centres of power, the world is changing fast. The first meeting of the G20 Foreign Ministers taking place today demonstrate again the need for Britain to continue to build new alliances.

For the first time ever the G20 will be chaired by, and held in, Mexico: an indicative sign of the shift which enhances the status of fast-rising economies.

On the table for discussion will be green growth, poverty, job creation for people around the world, anti-corruption, global development, and global governance - issues being addressed in a broader context than before at the G20 level. We welcome a wider range of countries becoming willing to lead on addressing global problems.

In 1999, when the Canadian Finance Minister first visualised the G20, the world was a very different place. The label of BRIC was unknown, and yet is already outdated.

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