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Creative and Media

Success Story

In 2011, BBC Worldwide launched its new HD channel after three years in Mexico. Their two other branded channels have been increasingly popular among the Mexican audience and shows such as Top Gear are now very popular in Mexico. In 2010, BBC and the UKTI Mexico worked in partnership to show the Royal Wedding during a high-level event in Mexico.

Some existing UK companies in Mexico have been very successful in raising the profile of their brand through the Mexican media.

The UKTI Marketing team can deliver tailored programmes of media activities such as press releases, press conferences or interviews.

Mexican media are generally quite receptive to British brands and we have been able to secure press coverage for several UK companies.


Key Fact

The Creative Industries sector
accounts for 7 per cent of the
national GDP, making it the fourth
largest sector in Mexico.

Creative and Media is a growing sector in Mexico and it accounted for 7 per cent of GDP in 2010. During that year, Mexico exported creative goods and services to the value of aprox US$5 million and is ranked number one in terms of creative economies in Latin America and top 20 worldwide. The growth of the sector has created a large number of jobs and made it the fourth most important sector in the Mexican economy. Subsectors include TV, broadcasting, film, publishing, music and fashion where 11 per cent of Mexican jobs are related to these industries.

In terms of entertainment, Mexico now features on the tour schedule of most mainstream British bands and is beginning to feature more on the schedule of up and coming bands.

The cinema market is huge in Mexico; in fact it's the largest cinema market in Latin America.

Mexico will increase investment in the internet publishing sector. By 2013, 2.2 per cent of the overall private investment in the publishing sector will be targeted to the internet.

Digital cluster

Guadalajara is becoming the most important place to be for digital media production companies and has been designated by the Federal Government as the Digital Creative City. The project includes the construction of the first cluster in Mexico focusing on attracting technology companies devoted in developing; videogames, movies, multimedia and mobile applications.

Business Opportunities

  • Design Consultancy on products and packaging.

  • Consultancy on branding and marketing.

  • Local TV companies are importing material from the USA and Europe, providing opportunities for TV content production.

  • Mexican companies are demanding interactive and marketing content.

  • There is a growing cinematographic industry which is demanding consultancy on development and production financing.

  • Publications and books written in English.


Contact and Further Information

A report on the Mexican creative industries sector as well as more information about the specific business opportunities can be obtained by contacting the UKTI team in Guadalajara: 
British Trade Office Guadalajara Tel: +52 33 3630 4357 Email:


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