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Education and Training

Success Story

Michelsen Consulting Ltd is a British company that specialise in designing software for interactive business training programmes. The Mexican subsidiary, Laboratory for Business and Management Solutions (LABSAG) has equipped 23 different universities and more than 100 campuses with business simulators including some of the most prestigious universities in Mexico including the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the Technologic Institute of Monterrey (ITESM).

They have been established in Mexico since 2003 but Michelsen/LABSAG has been most successful since 2006, seeing 100 per cent annual increases in sales. Their projection shows that in the long term (8-10 years), their sales could exceed £2 million by equipping 30 universities per year.


Key Fact

In 2010-2011, more than 34.4 million
students finalised studies from basic
to higher education levels, accounting
for the 28.6 per cent of the Mexican
population; with a faculty of 1.8 million
teachers in 249,700 schools.

Education and Training is a high priority for the Mexican Government. According to the latest Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reports; the government expends 22 per cent of total public funds to education, around 7 per cent of the GDP. In the Government's plans, education in Mexico will concentrate on five pillars: upgrading of the education infrastructure; continuing to incorporate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in classrooms; vocational training and permanent evaluation and educational reform. The Federal Education Ministry is committed to reducing the urban-rural gap by investment and technological training.

A new educational reform has come into force, and a National IT Skills Programme was introduced. The Programme aims to create a major change in traditional educational models of primary and lower secondary, virtual lower secondary and the educational programmes for the indigenous groups, by applying ICT teaching models.

Through the educational reform and the IT Skills Programme, the Ministry of Education has approved a US$40 million budget, aiming to equip 350,000 classrooms and 700 ICT programmes for teachers by 2012.

Higher education enrolment has seen a strong and steady increase since 2000.

Private sector enrols about 33.5 per cent and public universities do not have the capacity to cover the total demand, creating a market for private institutions.

Private institutions have increased their fees and students able to afford the cost of private institutions are a serious target audience for UK education providers.

Business Opportunities

  • Export of educational equipment and services.

  • Vocational training models.

  • Programme to strengthen higher education institutions.

  • Private sector training possibilities.

  • For the UK the main opportunities are mainly for on-line courses (principally language training, but other niche sectors have a demand for UK's expertise - for example in Oil & Gas) and distance learning at an academic level for MBAs.

  • English language training (mainly business English) continues to offer serious opportunities.


Contact and Further Information

A report on the Mexican education sector as well as more information about the specific business opportunities can be obtained by contacting the UKTI team in Mexico City: 
British Embassy Mexico City Tel: +52 55 1670 3243 Email:


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