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Success Story

Environmental Resources Management Ltd is the biggest all environmental consulting company in the world with a global team of 3,300 staff based in 140 offices in 40 countries. Their resources are designed to match local skills and global know how to client requirements in any country in the world. This widespread presence means they can meet local customer's objectives through global solutions.

Since its establishment in 1991, ERM Mexico has successfully executed more than 1,600 complex and challenging environment projects for national and multinational companies, serving the United States, Mexico , Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and other Central America Countries, as well as Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.


Key Fact

Mexico is the fourth most active country
in the Clean Development Mechanism 
scheme (CDM), accounting for 125
projects out of 2,732 CDM projects
worldwide. The UK is currently
participating in 100 of the 125 CDM
projects in Mexico, the majority of these
projects with British participation relate
to GHG mitigation and Methane

With the development of environmental legislation and increasing awareness in the country, Mexico's environmental market has been rapidly and steadily growing at an annual average of 6 per cent since 2004. According to the Mexican National Institute of Ecology, it is the second most important environmental market in Latin America after Brazil and is estimated to be worth approximately US$8 billion in total.

Demographic and industrial growth has placed extreme pressure on Mexico's ecological systems. These trends have caused the deterioration of air, water and soil quality in most regions of the country. In fact, the lack of clean water and deforestation are actually considered national security issues by the Mexican Government and air pollution, particularly in Mexico City, has long been a public health problem.

Mexico imports a high share of its environmental equipment and services to meet the growing demand, which is generating an increasing pool of good opportunities for UK companies. For environmental technology exporters, a federal tax incentive programme has been introduced allowing private companies to write off the value added tax for the purchase of pollution control equipment used to comply with environmental regulations.

Climate change is a priority for the Mexican government, which has made it a cornerstone of its 2007-2012 National Development Plan (the basis for all of the policies of the current administration). Mexico is one of the first developing countries to commit to a voluntary carbon reduction target to combat climate change. The goal is to reduce 51 million tonnes of CO2 by 2012; however, according to the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, by 2010 the country had already reduced 21 million, which represents more than 40 per cent of the total.

Because of the high carbon intensity of its energy supply, there is still considerable scope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the operating segments of the state-run oil company PEMEX and the national power supplier CFE.

Business Opportunities

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Water pollution control

  • Air pollution control

  • Contaminated land remediation

  • Environmental monitoring equipment and consultancy

  • Energy efficiency

  • Green house gas capture and storage

  • Carbon trading


Contact and Further Information

A report on the Mexican environment sector as well as more information about the specific business opportunities can be obtained by contacting the UKTI team in Mexico City: 
British Embassy Mexico City Tel: +52 55 1670 3274 Email:


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