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Key Fact

The Mexican video games market
is worth US$400 million per year,
and it is the fourth largest market
in the world.

Mexican telecommunications is an ever changing and increasingly profitable market. The recent proliferation of wireless communications in Mexico has been so extraordinary that the country is now considered one of the region's most promising markets for wireless equipment and services.

The telecommunications market in Mexico grew 11.1 per cent in 2010.

Since 2003 the industry has had an average annual growth of 20.94 per cent according to the Mexican Federal Commission of Telecommunications.

There is a high demand for mobile data, and the 3G uptake will continue to grow in the coming years. In 2010 Mobile phone traffic grew 15.1 per cent, while mobile phone lines grew 9.4 per cent reaching a total of 91.3 millions. On average there are 1.9 mobile phones per household and 80 per cent of households have at least 1 mobile phone. In the case of the internet, Mexico is the second country in Latin America in terms of internet users with 35 million in 2010.

Business Opportunities

  • IT equipment for SMEs.

  • Integration on wireless connectivity solutions for mobility, VoIP and servers.

  • Electronic consumption products such as MP3 players, mobile phones, PDAs.

  • Wholesalers are promoting the migration to a specialised model of distribution focused on solutions like consultancy, outsourcing, technical support that can contribute to higher profits. ICT

  • There is an expected growth of file storage equipment, for example USBs and removable hard drives.

  • Specific equipment for areas of high growth including multifunction equipment, digital cameras, handhelds, and telecom equipment (voice and data).

  • Training in English for the electronics industry.

  • Recycling of electronic components.


Contact and Further Information

A report on the Mexican ICT sector as well as more information about the specific business opportunities can be obtained by contacting the UKTI team in Tijuana:
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