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Key Fact

The betting industry in Mexico has continued its
growth, and has become the second largest market
in Latin America, recording a total sales revenue of
US$639 million in 2010.

Mexico holds an important place in the International tourist market which in turn is also very important for Mexico's economy. According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Mexico had 22.3 million tourists in 2010 which equated to US$11.8 billion in tourism revenue.

The substantial level of investment (both foreign and domestic) and influx of travellers have shaped the strategy of the tourism industry. New world class developments and competitive prices means there is a shift to target a more upscale market, especially in the Northwest (Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California Sur and Baja California) where the newest tourism destinations are being developed. Ecotourism, golf and sailing are some of the areas these new developments are focusing on.

In Mexico there are around 220 golf courses and each year more are constructed. According to the Association of Golf Courses for the Mexican Caribbean, by this year they expect to build at least 16 golf courses.

Mexico has a solid marine infrastructure.

It ranks among the top ten countries worldwide in terms of ports. Its 5,797 miles of coastline offers diverse opportunities both in the commercial and leisure industry. At present, Mexico relies on 16 main ports, some used exclusively for commercial purposes, yet all of these are part of a broad initiative.

Between 2010-2012, the Government plans to invest more than US$700 million in infrastructure and technology to fully exploit the connection between Mexico and the sea.The Mexican Government has established a shipbuilding program of coast and ocean patrols with a total budget of US$426 million. The construction program represents 27 per cent of the total budget of the Agency.

The Substitution of Naval Units program has a US$152 million budget.

There are many synergies between the Mexican and British sports market and companies can find a large growing market in which to sell their products.

The most popular sports in Mexico are: football, baseball, basketball, golf, motor sports, boxing and sailing. Future sporting events being planned and bids will also signal opportunities for British companies looking to supply the local market. In 2011 Guadalajara hosted the Panamerican Games.

Business Opportunities

Leisure and Tourism:

  • Golf course designers, developers, advice on maintenance and construction and training.

  • Hotel and resort investors.

  • Hospitality technology.


  • Sports infrastructure.

  • Sports and recreational products.

  • Sports apparel.

Leisure Marine:

  • Development of marinas.

  • Crew training and licensing.

  • Navigation and waterway management.

  • Safety, rescue systems and insurance.

  • Parts, supplies, materials and services related to maintenance and repair of pleasure boats and yachts.


  • The betting industry in Mexico has continued its growth, and has become the second largest market in Latin America, recording total sales revenue of US$639 million in 2010.

  • Distribution of class II and III slot machines

  • Online and mobile betting platforms (although they have still not been approved)

  • Gaming technology and casino related services like consultancy, security.


Contact and Further Information

Reports on the Mexican marine, leisure and tourism sectors as well as more information about the specific business opportunities can be obtained by contacting the UK Trade & Investment team in Tijuana: 
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