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Success Story

G4S, the UK's largest security solutions group, has been in Mexico for more than 30 years, and now have presence and services all over the Country.

Since 2009, they have had an accelerated growth in providing integrated security services to automotive companies, including three of the most important car assemblers worldwide.


Key Fact

Mexico is creating a new Federal Police
force with more investigative powers
leading to a demand for security
products and services.

The Security sector in Mexico embraces a wide range of activities relating to the Local, State and Federal Government's delivery of crime prevention and investigation, protection of people, property and assets; and law enforcement in general.

Since taking office in December 2006, President Calderón has made security one of his top priorities. A new law on Public Security, aimed at boosting co-ordination between federal, state and public security institutions to reduce corruption and impunity has been ratified. The law also seeks to allow police greater freedom to investigate crime and professionalise the work of the security forces translating in to the creation of the Ministerial Police.

New Federal Security Programmes have been developed that concentrate on civilian security, law enforcement, and serious and organised crime. These programmes include significant budget increases to departments in charge of public security at the state and municipal level; approval of the creation of a National Policing Evaluation Centre and a National Council for Public Security; a new federal law to confiscate goods and properties of organised crime; the creation of a national criminal database register and security forces. The Federal administration along with a number of State and Municipal Governments are continually assessing assets and where identified, restructuring and replacing current systems by renovating specialised teams and equipment. Innovative technologies will replace outdated systems in a number of areas.

Business Opportunities

  • IT infrastructure.

  • Automatic license plate recognition systems.

  • Voice detection systems.

  • Explosive detection equipment.

  • Sophisticated CCTV cameras.

  • X-ray systems.

  • Data management software.

  • Mobile phone jammers.

  • Sophisticated biometrics.

  • Sophisticated anti-riot equipment.

  • Security infrastructure developers.

  • Training.


Contact and Further Information

Information about the specific business opportunities for the Mexican security and defence sector can be obtained by contacting the UKTI team in Mexico City: 
British Embassy Mexico City Tel: +52 55 1670 3235 Email:


Source - UKTI


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