Customs and documentation in Mexico

Complying with HMRC regulations to export to Mexico

You must make export declarations to HMRC through the National Export System (NES) to export your goods to Mexico. See:

Mexico follows the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS, or HS) for the classification of goods. You must classify your goods as part of the declaration, including a commodity code and a Customs Procedure Code (CPC).

Find commodity codes and other measures applying to exports in the UK Trade Tariff:

Contact the HMRC Tariff Classification Service at: for more help.

You must declare any goods that you take with you in your baggage to sell outside the EU, at:


Temporary export of goods to Mexico

You can use an ATA (Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) Carnet to simplify the customs procedures needed to temporarily take goods into Mexico. See:

You will need an export licence to temporarily take dual use goods to Mexico.

Use the SPIRE system to apply for a temporary export licence, at:


Customs in Mexico

Goods may only pass to and from Mexico at authorised locations. Goods must be presented to the customs authorities together with the relevant documentation.

There is a 0.8% customs processing fee charged by Mexican customs. This is based on the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value of the goods.

If you need to ship goods over the value of US $1,000, you need to use a customs broker to clear the merchandise through customs.

The Mexican Customs Authority (Aduanas de Mexico) has more information on customs details. See: (some detail in Spanish only).


Documentation in Mexico

For tax purposes, all Mexican importers must apply and be listed in the Official Register of Importers (Padrón de Importadores), maintained by the Secretariat of Treasury and Public Finance (SHCP). See:

The documents needed for the import and export of goods to and from Mexico are:

Although not obligatory, use of a local customs agent is recommended, as Mexican Customs are very strict about proper submission of documents. Contact the DIT team in Mexico at:, for details of local agents who can help.


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